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The top 10 reasons our clients give for using our site builder technology:

1. Easy Editor

Our basic editor resembles a text editor, which allows even the newest computer user to create and edit a website!

  • All features available on a text editor are available such as: bold, italics, colors, align left, center, right, bullets, lists titles, and add photos.

2. Amazing Value

Our site builder offers over 30 features to enhance and improve your website! Most editors do not offer half the features, or charge for each use.

  • 35 layouts available
  • email features
  • layout features
  • shopping cart features
  • editing features
  • marketing features
  • password protection
  • more...

3. Shopping Cart

Most Shopping Carts provided by by hosting site builders are not only difficult to use, but often cost extra to add. Our built in shopping cart has everything included at no extra cost, it is simple enough for even the newest user to use.

  • Add up to 500 products to your site.
  • Fully customize each item with drop down menus, comment boxes, up to 3 pictures, and more!
  • Intergrate your cart with paypal or credit card processing.

4. Photo Albums

We have made it easy for you to display your photos on your website.

  • Thumbnails are automatically created for you. It's simple.

5. Over 1100 Professional Designs

Our designers offer over 1,100 professionally designed templates for your everyday use.

6. Customize Templates

Users can easily customize their templates with different colors, themes, and photos, without any prior knowledge of coding or programming..

7. Stock Image Library

Your site builder will have a library of over 2000 fully licensed photos and images that you can use on your pages.

8. Free Feedback Features

Use the interactive features such as a message board or guestbook to connect with your users interactively.


9. Fast Support

High quality online support:

  • Online support is free
  • One-day turnaround response for most questions
  • One-click context sensitive help (the most relevant help document is always one click away)
  • 33 chapter online documentation
  • 100+ article knowledge base, and FAQ
  • Free resource documents to help you improve your website

10. Overall Ease of Use

The number one reason why our clients return is the fact that it is easy to use.

  • People love the toolbar, which is located at the top of your page to use for editing.
  • Change your settings for various features and tools from one location.