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Each feature is so easy to access, it typically only takes one click.

We put more time and effort in making their product easy to use then any feature.

Ease of use features include:

The toolbar

The toolbar, located at the top of your website when you are editing, allows you to have one-click access to all we site building features.

The toolbar only appears when you are editing your site.

Visitors cannot see this portion of your website.

Everything needed to edit and update your website is only one-click away.

Compare editing a page using the easy toolbar with any other site builder.

This example shows you the steps for editing a page:
Using our toolbar method Other Site Builder Method
  1. Click the “Edit Page” button in the toolbar at the top of the page
  2. Edit the page using the easy page editor then click “Save.”

  1. Write the page address down.
  2. Go to your site builder (type in the address of your site builder in your browser then click “Go.”)
  3. Go to the login screen.
  4. Login to your site builder (enter your user name and password then click "Login")
  5. Go to website editing mode.
  6. Go to your page list.
  7. Find the page you wrote down then click to edit that page.
  8. Edit the page, then click to save it.
  9. Click to apply changes to your site.

Editing your web site is easier and faster because it has everything you need to edit you site.

1-click Help

Two types of 1-click help is available:

1. General Help & Support

Our Help and Support button is always located within your toolbar.

Click the "Help & Support" button in the top right corner to be taken to our support area.

5 kinds of support:

  • "Getting Started" tutorial
  • online documentation (37 chapters)
  • knowledge base (250+ articles)
  • frequently asked questions
  • free online technical support staff

2. Smart Help

The most relevant help document pretaining to what you are currently working on is only one click away.

For example, if you are editing a standard page, if you click on our help button, You will be brought to our "Getting Started" tutorial.

Choice of Editors (Basic, WYSIWYG and Advanced with html)

Our easy to use, Basic editor works like your favorite text editor. By clicking on "edit page" in your toolbar, the basic editor automatically comes up.

No downloads or installations required.

With the easy editor you can:

  • change fonts
  • change font size
  • bold
  • italicize
  • align left, center, or right
  • add bullets and lists
  • add links
  • change colors

Simple to Use

All these techniques are used to maximize ease of use:

  • More time and effort was spent making this system easy to use the on any other feature.
  • Live user testing was preformed to assure that our program is easy to use.
  • User feedback is used in improve the program.

Reach Your Goals Faster

These are some of our stated goals:

  • Your first website should not take longer then 5 minutes to set up.
  • Editing only takes a few minutes.
  • It is so easy, even the newest computer user can use it.

The last one, while humorous, is the leading force of innovation in ease of use.