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Note: This section contains some technical terms. If you're a non-techie user, you'll be able to see what makes using our hosting a safe place to keep your website, however you might not be familiar with some of the technical terms.

Our professional site builder guarantees 99.9% site up time and completely backs it up with:

Multiple Application Servers

For redundancy, live backup computers take over when another computer fails.

Server equipment can fail at anytime. If this happens, and another server is not available, your website would shut down. With multiply backup servers that contain a full copy of your website, when one server shuts down, another one picks up flawlessly. You visitors would never have trouble reaching your site.

Redundant Multi - Load Balancers

In the rare event that a load balancer fails, there are multiple load balancers on standby to prevent downtime.

24 hour / 7 day System Checks

Special computer programs automatically check the status of the servers once per minute. If the program finds a part of the system down, it will automatically route the downed system to a working system.

Note: While the repairs are made, other servers seamlessly take over the duties of the failed server. Users will not notice a difference in service.

Location On An Internet Hub

Your website is hosted right on an Internet hub in a specially designed high-tech building. This helps to ensure that your website will load quickly and be readily available when you or your customers need it.

Additional/Backup Mail Servers

If a mail server fails, a backup mail server will automatically take over the duties of the primary mail server. The failed mail server will automatically reboot and restore its systems function. Users will never see problems with a failed mail server.

Additional/Backup Database Servers

The database server, like the aplication servers, have backups in case of an emergency. If the primary database fails, the backup database automatically takes over the duties of the failed database server. This prevents any interuption in service.

Backup Every 4 Hours Onsite

Servers are backed up to other servers on-site 5 times a day. This insures that in the rare even that the servers must be restore that the information will be as up to date as possible.

Off-site Backups

Backed up information is taken off-site to protect data and prevent loss of information in the event of a catastrophe.

RAID (multiple hard drives within each server for backup)

Redundant array of totally independent hard drives

In RAID systems, important information is stored on at least two hard drives simultaneously. In the event of a drive failure, a backup drive automatically takes over the duties of failed drive. Server operations continue seamlessly. Technicians promptly replace the failed drive, and the data is immediately restored. RAID helps to ensure data integrity.

Enterprise Class - Hard Drives

The main server hard drives are enterprise class, and all hard drives are in RAID format. An enterprise class hard drive costs as much as two to four times more then the typical home or office drive (desktop class), but has much higher MTBF. MTBF, or Mean Time Between Failures, is a manufacturer rating that estimates the average time between hard drive failures. Higher time between failures means that potential problems can occur less often.

Secondary - Backup Firewall

Firewalls protect sensitive information from security breaches and hacking. In the event that the firewall fails, a backup firewall is ready to take over the duties of the failed firewall. .

Secondary - Backup File Servers

In the event that a file server fails, a backup file server is ready to take over the duties of the failed file server.

Dedicated Server - Facilities

A specialized chilled server room made exspecially for housing servers..

Super Redundant Cooling Systems

Backup air conditioning systems take over in the event of a cooling failure.

(UPS) Uninterruptible Power Supply

All servers are equipped with uninterruptible power supplies. A UPS is a device that sits between the wall outlet and the computer to prevent power irregularities (outages, surges, etc.) from causing problems with the equipment. It also acts as a backup power supply and a surge protector.

Secondary - Backup Power

All servers are protected with backup power units.

Emergency On-site Power Generators

Multiple on-site power generators are available to provide power in the event of a large grid failure.